Approximately 25% of all COVID cases have been reported in the past 25 days

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25 percent of the entire Covid-19 infections have come in the month of January in Maverick County.

Up until January 22 there have been 2,159 new positive cases of Covid-19 in our community.

That one month total represents 25 percent of the entire 8,593 positive cases seen since the month of March.

Officials however are hoping that the number of cases begin to decrease as seen during the last three reporting days.

Another very concerning statistic is the number of people tested to positive infection being detected.

5,790 people have been tested in January. Of those 2,159 or 37.2 percent have come back positive.

That is the most positive infection ratio seen since the month of March.

Back in July the infection ratio was at 31.1 percent with 4,963 people tested and 1,549 coming back positive.

United Medical Centers continues Covid 19 Testing and Personnel Inoculations

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United Medical Centers Chief Executive Officer William Worrell announced that his medical staff continues inoculating employees with the Covid-19 Vaccine.

Worrell stated that UMC will continue administering the Covid-19 Vaccine to employees throughout the week from all three clinics here in the community.

“It’s of great importance to inoculate our personnel as they’re right in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, testing, treatments and follow-ups to thousands of community residents,” stated Worrell.

United Medical Centers has been consistently testing people at their Eidson Rd Clinic which was converted into a testing and consultation site for anything having to do with Covid-19.

Since the onset of the pandemic UMC’s testing site has tested close to 12,000 people.

Worrell stated that they will continue the testing and inoculation program until further notice.

For any questions regarding testing for Covid-19 at the UMC Eidson Rd Clinic you can call (830) 757-6946.

The Maverick County Sheriff’s Department arrested a male subject for the aggravated Assault of Another subject

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Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber reported that on Saturday, January 09, 2021, Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the intersection of Eidson Road and La Herradura to assist Eagle Pass Fire Department EMS personnel with a male subject being treated. Preliminary investigations at the scene revealed the subject, later identified as forty-two-year-old Miguel Angel Perez Garcia, had been assaulted at a tire shop on Eidson Road the previous evening and had fallen ill due to the assault. Mr. Perez was taken to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center for treatment, however, his condition continued to worsen and he fell into a coma. He was later transported to BAMC Hospital in San Antonio where he passed away.

The criminal investigations division of the Maverick County Sheriff’s Office conducted an investigation and was able to identify a male subject as the primary suspect. On January 20, 2021, the subject, nineteen-year-old Hector Omar Talamantes arrived at CID offices to turn himself in on murder charges. Talamantes was processed and is currently confined at the Tom Bowles Detention Center awaiting magistration.

This case remains under investigation.

One month old child death under investigation

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The Eagle Pass Police Department is currently investigating the death of a 1-month-old child.

The EPPD and Eagle Pass Fire Department responded to a residence located in the Second St. area regarding an unresponsive 1-month-old child around 8:30 pm on Monday, January 18.

EPFD paramedics arrived at the scene and tragically could not do anything for the child who was declared deceased later that night.

The death is under investigation by the Eagle Pass Police Department.

Numbers Give Insight into Possible Virus Spreading Details

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Officials continue looking at how the Covid-19 Virus is spreading throughout the community.

This is to clearly understand trends and human interaction patterns as to how the Virus is spreading so rampantly in our community.

Eagle Pass Mayor Luis Sifuentes stated that it’s of great importance to understand who in the community is being infected the most by the Covid-19 Virus to be able to mitigate it and keep others out of harms way.

Up until January 11th, there had been 7,443 positive cases of which Individuals between the ages of 20 to 60 years old have been the most affected.

A breakdown of ages in 10-year intervals shows that Individuals between the age of 20 to 30 years old (1991 to 2000) had 1,301 positive cases of Covid-19.

Juveniles 18 years and younger had 1,106 positive cases.

This is certainly troubling as a pattern clearly, hypothesizes that these age groups could be causing infections in older age groups.

The following breakdown shows age group Covid-19 infections in Maverick County in 10-year intervals.

Subjects between the ages of 30 to 40 years old born between 1981 to 1990 had 1,074 positive cases.

Subjects between 50 and 60 years old born from1961 to 1970 reported 1,072 positive Covid-19 cases.

Subjects of the age of 40 to 50 (1971 to 1980) had 1,067 positive Covid-19 cases.

Individuals of the ages 10 to 20 years old had 849 positive cases.

There have been 782 positive cases detected of people of the ages 60 to 70 years old. 449 positive cases have been detected of people between the ages of 70 to 80 years old.
529 cases have been found in individuals of the ages 1 month to 10 years old. 241 positive cases have been detected in individuals of the ages 80 to 90 years old.

59 people born in 1930 or earlier have also been infected.

Mayor Sifuentes, and County Judge David Saucedo do urge the community to follow all safety measures and to please help in stopping the spread of the Covid-19 Virus that up until now has killed 1 out of every 46 people that has been infected.

Community caught in the middle of the most infectious and deadly month since onset of Pandemic

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During the month of January, Maverick County has seen an exorbitant Increase in positive cases putting a major strain on everyone involved in the fight against the deadly virus that has claimed the life of 172 people in our community.

Recently, the New York Times put out a report in which Maverick County for the second time has been named as one of the Counties where the positivity rate is higher than any other County across the entire Nation.

Officials, at the head of the local mitigation effort are worried over the outcomes we’re experiencing. This includes seeing a lackluster effort to participate in simple tasks by community residents to help stop the spread and a lackadaisical attitude by the State Government to initiate more stringent regulations to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The Federal Government has washed its hands and taken an approach of personal responsibility and each state, city or person for themselves. However, in the real world such a policy is not viable unless each individual agrees to put on a mask, washes their hands, avoids crowds and understands that the individual responsibility directly affects the outcomes of the masses.

It’s as simple as putting on a mask, washing your hands and avoid gathering in crowds, but by the trends seen, that’s easier said than done.

January, is more than likely going to be the most infectious month on record for our community.

As of January 15, two weeks into the new year we have broken the monthly record set in July which had 1,549 positive cases in a 30-day span.

With 1,755 cases within a two-week period and with over 1639 active cases, officials are hoping for the best but definitely preparing for the worst.

At this point, yes Vaccines are being allocated to the community but not at the pace to keep up and to be able to reach a herd immunity level where an abundant amount of people will be protected from being infected.

For now, officials plead with all of us to come together and follow the protocols set in place to help stop the spread because the honest truth, our lives and that of your loved ones do depend on it.

Maverick County Sets Covid Infections Record

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Maverick County set a one-day record for Covid-19 positive cases on Tuesday, January 12.

Maverick County Judge David Saucedo and Eagle Pass Mayor Luis Sifuentes reported on Tuesday that tests had detected a total of 205 cases in a 24-hour period.

These are the most cases seen in a one-day period since the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic in our community since the month of March.

Up to now in a 12-day span, Maverick County has accumulated 1,241 new positive cases. This is almost as many cases as the highest month total that we have seen so far which was in July with 1,549.

We still have 19 more days which will likely shatter all current records and put a strain on any type of response.

Earthquake once again hits near El Indio, Tx

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Yet another Earthquake has hit the town of el Indio Texas.

Approximately at 9:25pm another earthquake has been reported just Southwest of El Indio Tx.

The Earthquake is reported to be a 3 in magnitude and about 5.0 kilometers down.

This is the 4th Earthquake reported in the same area in the past months.

The first Earthquake hit on November 4th and was registered a 3.0 magnitude

The second one, a 3.4 magnitude Earthquake was reported early Friday, November 13th South of Maverick County, near the town of El Indio, Texas.

This third Earthquake was registered on Tuesday, December 1st and measured as a 2.9 in magnitude.

Experiencing a grouping of cluster quakes always gets people wondering if a larger scaled Earthquake could be on the horizon.

The answer to that question, is there is no way to actually know.

For now, residents in the El Indio Texas and across the border have experienced minor trembling.

Only time will tell if another Earthquake will hit that will break the seismograph (Richter Scale).

City to request for Governor Abbott to extend delinquent ad valorem taxes deadline

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The Eagle Pass City Council held their first meeting of the year on Tuesday, January 5, 2021.

During the meeting, members of the City Council discussed and acted on several important topics which included the possible waiver of delinquent ad valorem taxes due to economic hardships.

The item was taken into executive session to consult with legal counsel over the possibilities of structuring such waiver.

Once back in open session, Mayor Luis Sifuentes announced that waiving the delinquent fees was not a viable option, but an extension could possibly assist those residents having difficulties laying their ad valorem taxes.

The Eagle Pass City Council did order City Manager George Antuna and Administration to draft a resolution seeking for the Office of the Governor to allow for an extension to be set in place thus giving taxpayers extra time to pay their taxes without facing the delinquent fees.

The City Council which consists of Mayor Luis Sifuentes, Mayor Pro Tem Billy Davis, Attorney Rolando Salinas, Elias Diaz, and Yolanda Ramon voted in favor of drafting a resolution seeking the extension.

The resolution will be presented this coming week and be sent to the Governor’s office for consideration.

EOC establishes Covid-19 Vaccines Portal

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Emergency Operation Center Officials through the City of Eagle Pass have established a portal for people to register for the Covid-19 Vaccine list.

The portal, will assist officials form a list to follow the established guidelines of who will be qualified to receive the vaccine depending on the tiers set up by the State and Federal Government.

If you meet the criteria as a priority group 1A or 1B, as defined by the Department of State Health Services, you may pre-register using the form below to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as available to the Department of Public Health.

Once you register you will be placed on a waiting list and will be contacted (Phone, email, or text) when vaccines become available on a first come, first serve basis.

You can register to access the COVID-19 Vaccine Priority Groups Registration form at


Phase 1A, includes ,Health care personnel, and long-term care facility residents.

Phase 1B, Frontline essential workers, and people 75 and older.

Phase 1C, includes people ages 65-74, people ages 16-64 with high-risk conditions, and other essential workers.