Public officials announced that free Covid-19 testing will begin on Monday, November 30.

Maverick County Judge David Saucedo stated that the four testing sites will be located at the Seco Mines Community Center, Maverick County Lake, Nick Carr Sports Complex in Loma Bonita, and Casino Grocery in Pueblo Nuevo.

Judge Saucedo added that the testing is part of the State of Texas Covid-19 Pandemic response.

Test results have a 24-hour turnaround and individuals will be notified of their results.

Testing will begin on Monday, November 30, County Judge David Saucedo reported.

The four testing sites will be operating from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

You are asked to bring an identification and abstain from drinking and eating anything at least 30 minutes before going to the testing site.

You can register to get tested at either the County website or City of Eagle Pass site as well.

City to Implement Medical Workforce Program through Covid 19 Relief Funds

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Through adversity city and county officials have been finding out a lot of what our community is made of.

It has also opened up, allowing officials to focus on weaknesses that can be worked on, post Pandemic.

Eagle Pass Economic Development Department presented Information during a meeting held last week regarding a medical workforce program funded through Coronavirus Relief Funds.

The training program will give up to 50 people in the community an opportunity to study to go into the medical field.

In combined efforts with AHEC, Community College, Texas Workforce Commission, and City of Eagle Pass Individuals who want to pursue a career in the medical field can apply to be assisted through this funding.

Some of the training that could be available includes, (Nurse Aide Clinical Medical Assistant Phlebotomy Technician, Dialysis Technician (with Phlebotomy training), Dialysis Technician, Certified Medical Administrative Assistant, Clinical Medical Assistant (with Phlebotomy, Electronic Health Records, and Community Health Worker.

City Councilman Attorney Rolando Salinas alongside the City Council have approved to move forward with this great program that is made possible under Coronavirus Relief Funds.

“This will be of great benefit for our community. It will help us add workers to the medical care workforce,” said Salinas.

Councilman Salinas is wholeheartedly behind advancing opportunities for community growth in every aspect.

“During these trying times we have found that we do lack in certain areas. One of those areas is in the Medical Care workforce. This is something that has been brought up to the forefront during the Covid-19 Pandemic,” stated Salinas.

At this point, the city is working on a medical care workforce program that will allow for Individuals to study and become part of that workforce.

Local Commissioner tests positive for COVID-19

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Pct. 2 Maverick County Commissioner Rosy Cantu and her husband Martin Cantu tested positive for Covid-19.

Commissioner Cantu does ask the community for prayers for her husband, Martin who will be transported to Methodist hospital in San Antonio to receive further evaluation and treatments.

“I do thank everyone who has called and has prayed for us,” said Cantu.

Commissioner Cantu does ask for the community to continue praying for her husband, Martin.

She also urges the community to take all the necessary safety measures to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Del Rio Border Sector sees significant decrease in apprehensions

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According to Information provided by the United States Border Patrol illegal immigration has seen a significant decrease along the Del Rio Border Sector in 2020.

There are many factors that could be attributed to the decrease Including the danger of infections from COVID-19 for those people looking to traverse from their Country of origin into the U.S. which is among the Countries with more infections. Another factor that could be driving the decrease is that Customs and Border Protection now has full authority to now deport without hearings or processing.

According to statistics for fiscal year 2020, the Del Rio Border Sector had a total of 40,342 apprehensions. While the report also stated that in 2019 there were 57,269 apprehensions, a marked decrease of — 42% in apprehensions from one year to the next.

During the 2020 fiscal year there were 2,199 unaccompanied alien children apprehensions while in 2019 there were 3,621 a difference of 1,422 or -39%.

There was also a decrease in Family Unit apprehensions going from 32,835 in 2019 to 7,703 in 2020 or a -77% decrease.

Del Rio Sector Border Apprehension Statistics does show an increase in single adult captures.

In 2020 there have been 30,440 while in 2019 there were 20,813 an increase of about +46%.

The Del Rio Border Sector which includes Maverick County.

Male Individual stabbed multiple times

Maverick County Sheriff Department Chief Deputy Roberto De Leon reported that a male Individual was stabbed multiple times in an altercation.

Chief De Leon stated that deputies were summoned to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Centers Emergency Room in the early morning hours of Tuesday, November 17 in which contact was made with a twenty-seven-year-old subject who reported he had been stabbed in the back multiple times during a physical altercation with a known male.

Documentation was taken and this case has since been turned over to the Criminal Investigations division.

Suspect held for multiple active warrants

Maverick County Chief Deputy Roberto De Leon reported that deputies were dispatched to a location in the Rosita Valley Sector of the community in reference to a suspicious red Chevrolet Tahoe by location.

Contact was then made with a male complainant (property owner) who stated that said vehicle was trespassing in his property.

Contact was then made with an 18-year-old male driver identified as Felipe Miranda and a 17-year-old female passenger.

An NCIC/TCIC system check was conducted on both subjects to which communications advised, that Felipe Miranda had multiple active warrant out of the Kinney County Sheriff’s Office, for Murder and Human Trafficking.

Miranda was then placed under arrested for the active warrants and transported to the Tom Bowles Detention Center for further processing.

Back in 2019, Miranda a Maverick County resident was arrested by the Maverick County Sheriff’s Department under an arrest warrant out of Kinney County for multiple charges including murder.

The subjects arrest stems from a high speed chase through Kinney County in the month of June 2019 which resulted in the death of an undocumented immigrant and injuries to others.

Miranda’s bond was set at around $350,000 for several charges which includes a $100,000 bond for murder, evading arrest $ 5,000, smuggling of persons child under 18 years of age one charge bond $ 50,000, engaging in organized criminal activity $ 100,000 bond, smuggling of persons resulting in death of smuggled individual bond $ 100,000.

Miranda allegedly was involved in a smuggling incident that resulted in a high speed chase which ended tragically after the vehicle the subjects were in crashed.

Kinney County officials were able to detain six individuals on charges related to the pursuit and accident which occurred on June 21, 2019.

Subject Arrested for Injuring a Disabled Child

Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber reported that a Deputy while patrolling Main Street on Sunday saw a male subject identified as Josue Rocha on a bicycle. The subject was approached and after further investigation, A TCIC/NCIC check was conducted in which he had an active felony warrant (Injury to a disabled child, 3rd Degree Felony).

Rocha was transported to the Tom Bowels Detention Center for processing.

City Council to Discuss Border Wall Construction in Golf Course and Shelby Park Areas

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The highly controversial US / Mexico Border Wall, consistently touted for the last 4 years by President Trump, will be a topic at Tuesday’s Eagle Pass City Council meeting.

During the meeting to be held at City Hall, City Council will discuss in
Executive Session pursuant to Section 551.071, Chapter 551, Texas Government Code, consultation with attorney to discuss the border wall construction preparation plans in and around the City’s golf course and Shelby Park area and possible legal issues involving same, possible action in open session regarding same .

It’s unclear as to what direction the item discussion will lead to. But it will certainly be very interesting to see where it in fact leads our city leaders and what course of action plays out.

The construction of a border wall is a controversial topic that for years had been disputed by community leaders.

For years, departed Mayor Chad Foster adamantly opposed the building of a border wall.

Certain portions were eventually built in a small section across Maverick County.

Since then, everything has been at a standstill.

It was not until 4 years ago that President Donald Trump touted that he would build all the border wall including the parts needed in Maverick County, and he would make Mexico pay for it.

That rhetoric built his support base and four years later, no wall.

The controversy has continued for years and is now once again knocking at our doorstep.

Back on September 2019, Trump redirected over $ 3.6 billion of military construction funds to build 175 miles (ca. 282 km) of border wall along the United States Southwest border which could reach into Eagle Pass.

The diverted funding would provide money to construct segments of border wall in Texas, California, Arizona, and New Mexico to attempt to deter illegal entry into the country.

Whatever the case may be, the contentious topic is once again sitting at our local officials desks.
As if they need more problems to worry about as they navigate through the Covid-19 Pandemic which has infected over 4,600 and killed 143.

Food Stamp cases in Maverick County have increased by 16.8% Since March

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8 months into the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic, community residents continue struggling with so many difficulties.

Like so many communities across the Nation, Maverick County has been hit hard through so many fronts which has left families with a limited amount of income as a result of reduction of hours, lost jobs, budget cuts for businesses, and other negative results stemming from the Pandemic that has infected 4,609 locals and killed 143.

From the month of March to October, the number of new Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program cases in Maverick County has increased by approximately 16.8 percent.

Back in March, before the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, there were 15,264 recipients on SNAP benefits in Maverick County. At the end of October the number of cases is at 17,841 an increase of 2,577 new cases.

The community has been hit hard in many fronts. And it’s unknown how long it will go on and take for a sense of normalcy and recovery to bring relief to the region and thousands of families.

During this time of uncertainty, public officials have been working together to assure that anyone who has the need for assistance is provided with food commodities and any other assistance available.

In the past months County and City officials along with the South Texas Food Bank and other organizations have held several food distribution events which have assisted thousands of community residents.

School District to provide meals to Students During Thanksgiving Vacation

Friday, November 20th, EPISD Food Service Department will be providing 5 Breakfast and 5 Lunch Meals curbside for children’s meal needs for the week of November 23rd – 27th.

The meals will be served between the hours of 12:00pm – 4:00pm at 11 various campuses. This will be provided to all children 18 years or younger without charge. Identification is required to receive meals.

Please view the attached flyer for more information and campuses available for curbside meals.