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Community caught in the middle of the most infectious and deadly month since onset of Pandemic

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During the month of January, Maverick County has seen an exorbitant Increase in positive cases putting a major strain on everyone involved in the fight against the deadly virus that has claimed the life of 172 people in our community.

Recently, the New York Times put out a report in which Maverick County for the second time has been named as one of the Counties where the positivity rate is higher than any other County across the entire Nation.

Officials, at the head of the local mitigation effort are worried over the outcomes we’re experiencing. This includes seeing a lackluster effort to participate in simple tasks by community residents to help stop the spread and a lackadaisical attitude by the State Government to initiate more stringent regulations to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The Federal Government has washed its hands and taken an approach of personal responsibility and each state, city or person for themselves. However, in the real world such a policy is not viable unless each individual agrees to put on a mask, washes their hands, avoids crowds and understands that the individual responsibility directly affects the outcomes of the masses.

It’s as simple as putting on a mask, washing your hands and avoid gathering in crowds, but by the trends seen, that’s easier said than done.

January, is more than likely going to be the most infectious month on record for our community.

As of January 15, two weeks into the new year we have broken the monthly record set in July which had 1,549 positive cases in a 30-day span.

With 1,755 cases within a two-week period and with over 1639 active cases, officials are hoping for the best but definitely preparing for the worst.

At this point, yes Vaccines are being allocated to the community but not at the pace to keep up and to be able to reach a herd immunity level where an abundant amount of people will be protected from being infected.

For now, officials plead with all of us to come together and follow the protocols set in place to help stop the spread because the honest truth, our lives and that of your loved ones do depend on it.

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