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Earthquake once again hits near El Indio, Tx

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Yet another Earthquake has hit the town of el Indio Texas.

Approximately at 9:25pm another earthquake has been reported just Southwest of El Indio Tx.

The Earthquake is reported to be a 3 in magnitude and about 5.0 kilometers down.

This is the 4th Earthquake reported in the same area in the past months.

The first Earthquake hit on November 4th and was registered a 3.0 magnitude

The second one, a 3.4 magnitude Earthquake was reported early Friday, November 13th South of Maverick County, near the town of El Indio, Texas.

This third Earthquake was registered on Tuesday, December 1st and measured as a 2.9 in magnitude.

Experiencing a grouping of cluster quakes always gets people wondering if a larger scaled Earthquake could be on the horizon.

The answer to that question, is there is no way to actually know.

For now, residents in the El Indio Texas and across the border have experienced minor trembling.

Only time will tell if another Earthquake will hit that will break the seismograph (Richter Scale).

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