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Facing a complex problem is often best left at the rivers edge

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For many leaving their Country of Origin is not on the top of their lists of things to do. They often do so in search of what in their native land has failed them, opportunity.

Often times their trek leads them towards the land of opportunity. Although tarnished by what has been occurring in the past decade or so it’s still a dream, the American Dream for many.

On a daily basis, hundreds if not thousands of individuals attempt to make their way into the country, Illegally, risking it all to find a piece of that dream they have spent their entire lives hearing about.

On Wednesday, December 30th, Del Rio Sector Special Operation Detachment operators and law enforcement officials apprehended 21 individuals attempting to make that fateful trek.

For now, those individuals will be processed and eventually returned back, only to attempt again and again to gain access to a Country that was made on the premise that we’re supposed to be a melting pot.

The topic of immigration is one that has many components. Finding a balance is the tricky part or maybe one that figureheads don’t feel needs to be fixed since it’s a big lucrative business.

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