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City to Implement Medical Workforce Program through Covid 19 Relief Funds

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Through adversity city and county officials have been finding out a lot of what our community is made of.

It has also opened up, allowing officials to focus on weaknesses that can be worked on, post Pandemic.

Eagle Pass Economic Development Department presented Information during a meeting held last week regarding a medical workforce program funded through Coronavirus Relief Funds.

The training program will give up to 50 people in the community an opportunity to study to go into the medical field.

In combined efforts with AHEC, Community College, Texas Workforce Commission, and City of Eagle Pass Individuals who want to pursue a career in the medical field can apply to be assisted through this funding.

Some of the training that could be available includes, (Nurse Aide Clinical Medical Assistant Phlebotomy Technician, Dialysis Technician (with Phlebotomy training), Dialysis Technician, Certified Medical Administrative Assistant, Clinical Medical Assistant (with Phlebotomy, Electronic Health Records, and Community Health Worker.

City Councilman Attorney Rolando Salinas alongside the City Council have approved to move forward with this great program that is made possible under Coronavirus Relief Funds.

“This will be of great benefit for our community. It will help us add workers to the medical care workforce,” said Salinas.

Councilman Salinas is wholeheartedly behind advancing opportunities for community growth in every aspect.

“During these trying times we have found that we do lack in certain areas. One of those areas is in the Medical Care workforce. This is something that has been brought up to the forefront during the Covid-19 Pandemic,” stated Salinas.

At this point, the city is working on a medical care workforce program that will allow for Individuals to study and become part of that workforce.

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