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City Council to Discuss Border Wall Construction in Golf Course and Shelby Park Areas

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The highly controversial US / Mexico Border Wall, consistently touted for the last 4 years by President Trump, will be a topic at Tuesday’s Eagle Pass City Council meeting.

During the meeting to be held at City Hall, City Council will discuss in
Executive Session pursuant to Section 551.071, Chapter 551, Texas Government Code, consultation with attorney to discuss the border wall construction preparation plans in and around the City’s golf course and Shelby Park area and possible legal issues involving same, possible action in open session regarding same .

It’s unclear as to what direction the item discussion will lead to. But it will certainly be very interesting to see where it in fact leads our city leaders and what course of action plays out.

The construction of a border wall is a controversial topic that for years had been disputed by community leaders.

For years, departed Mayor Chad Foster adamantly opposed the building of a border wall.

Certain portions were eventually built in a small section across Maverick County.

Since then, everything has been at a standstill.

It was not until 4 years ago that President Donald Trump touted that he would build all the border wall including the parts needed in Maverick County, and he would make Mexico pay for it.

That rhetoric built his support base and four years later, no wall.

The controversy has continued for years and is now once again knocking at our doorstep.

Back on September 2019, Trump redirected over $ 3.6 billion of military construction funds to build 175 miles (ca. 282 km) of border wall along the United States Southwest border which could reach into Eagle Pass.

The diverted funding would provide money to construct segments of border wall in Texas, California, Arizona, and New Mexico to attempt to deter illegal entry into the country.

Whatever the case may be, the contentious topic is once again sitting at our local officials desks.
As if they need more problems to worry about as they navigate through the Covid-19 Pandemic which has infected over 4,600 and killed 143.

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