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Food Stamp cases in Maverick County have increased by 16.8% Since March

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8 months into the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic, community residents continue struggling with so many difficulties.

Like so many communities across the Nation, Maverick County has been hit hard through so many fronts which has left families with a limited amount of income as a result of reduction of hours, lost jobs, budget cuts for businesses, and other negative results stemming from the Pandemic that has infected 4,609 locals and killed 143.

From the month of March to October, the number of new Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program cases in Maverick County has increased by approximately 16.8 percent.

Back in March, before the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, there were 15,264 recipients on SNAP benefits in Maverick County. At the end of October the number of cases is at 17,841 an increase of 2,577 new cases.

The community has been hit hard in many fronts. And it’s unknown how long it will go on and take for a sense of normalcy and recovery to bring relief to the region and thousands of families.

During this time of uncertainty, public officials have been working together to assure that anyone who has the need for assistance is provided with food commodities and any other assistance available.

In the past months County and City officials along with the South Texas Food Bank and other organizations have held several food distribution events which have assisted thousands of community residents.

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