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EP Port of Entries sees over 6 billion in trades

The Eagle Pass City Council held a meeting on Tuesday in which they heard a presentation from Bridge Director Homero Balderas and Economic Development Director Arturo Marquez regarding the current trade numbers and posture of the city’s bridge system.

Marquez and Balderas took turns providing detailed information regarding the bridge system’s import and export trading status including the top exporting items and standing in commercial vehicle traffic.

“ The top exporting items are soybean at approximately $529,300,000 million, Corn at $337,370,000, Gasoline, and other fuels at $225,320,000, Wheat at $184,000,000, Soybean oil cake at $181,920,000,” said Marquez. “The top import product coming into the U.S. are commercial vehicles at $4.3 billion, Beer at $1.76 billion, passenger vehicles at $1.17 billion, motor vehicle parts at $413 million, and insulated wire cable at $214 million.”

Balderas and Marquez stated that year to date the Eagle Pass Port of Entries (POE) stood as the number 5 POE in relations to commercial vehicles as compared to ten other ports in the State of Texas.

They proceeded to point out the agricultural (AG) products are high demand for Mexico and will continue to be due to low AG production because lack of government support to local farmers. AG Products are used for human consumption and feed, Mexico’s livestock production is increasing adding to the demand,
increased population in Mexico is increasing soybean consumption domestically as it provides high nutritional value at a low cost.

“It is used for food processing and can be found in 20,000 food items currently on grocery shelves,” said Marquez.

“Mexico’s fuel imports continue to grow as Mexico struggles to meet with demand Mexico’s refineries can only support 1/4 of total fuel demand,” added Balderas.

Likely final destinations for these top 5 products is Guadalajara, Queretaro & Mexico City for distribution and processing. The main transport form for top exports through the port of Eagle Pass is via train.

Marquez added that at present time the Eagle Pass Port of Entries are at number of 5 as compared to 10 ports in Texas for commercial vehicle activities.

The number one Port of Entry for commercial vehicle crossings is Laredo, No 2 Pharr, No.3 El Paso, No. 4 El Paso, No.5 Eagle Pass, and No. 6 Del Rio.

The purpose of the presentation was to have a better concept of what’s needed to further the Port of Entries standing in the import and export business which would be beneficial in so many ways for the region.

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