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Strict enforcement of gatherings of ten or more will be in effect

Zero Tolerance for people gathering in groups of 10 or more

Officials from the Emergency Operation Center for COVID-19 Response in Maverick County informed the community on Thursday, July 9th that there would be zero tolerance on COVID-19 Restriction and Quarantine Orders.

EOC Director Rodolfo Cardona and Maverick County Emergency Coordinator Polo Vielma held a briefing in which they declared that the EOC Task force along with other law enforcement agencies would be on the lookout for any gatherings of ten people or more and be issuing citations.

These citations carry a fine of approximately $1,000.

“From this day forward there will be zero tolerance for outdoor gatherings of 10 people or more,” announced Cardona.

Law enforcement agencies will be patrolling and also be on the lookout for social gatherings and violations.

Homeowners will be fined.

“We also ask the community to report such gatherings,” stated EOC Director Cardona. “ You can call the Maverick County Sheriff’s Department at (830) 773-2321 or the Eagle Pass Police Department at (830)773-9044.

“We all need to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19,”added Cardona.

The community is also reminded that wearing a face mask in public is mandatory. If you do not you will be cited and the fine carries a penalty of $250.

To those individuals who have tested positive and under quarantine you are under strict orders to self-isolate. If you do not you will be arrested for breaking the law.

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