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Male subject arrested for shooting an individual in Quemado, Tx

The Maverick County Sheriff’s Department has reported the shooting of an undocumented immigrant in the Quemado, TX area. The incident occurred on Thursday, October 10 at approximately 7:38 PM when Maverick County Sheriff Deputies were dispatched to the 200 block of 3rd St. in Quemado, Texas in regard to a male subject with a gunshot wound.

Deputies working Operation Stone Garden along with Border Patrol Agents arrived to the location and observed a male subject with a rifle.

The Deputies and BP Agents attempted to make contact with the subject who became hostile and uncooperative.
They were able to detain the male subject after a brief scuffle.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the 32-year old male subject identified as Jorge Estrada shot a 27-year-old male undocumented immigrant in the stomach area at least once with a shotgun.

Eagle Pass Fire Department Emergency Medical Services personnel were summoned to the location where the victim was then transported to San Antonio by AIRLIFE for further medical attention.

The suspect was then transported
to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center for injuries he claimed and was then taken to the Tom Bowles
Detention Center pending investigation/charges.

Homeland Security Investigations is also assisting in the investigation for other possible charges.

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