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Imposition of State Income Tax among one of many Amendments set to be put up to voters in November

Texas is one of the few places to not impose a State Income Tax.

However, in the upcoming 2019 Amendments election, the voters will decide if all that changes.

Among the 10 proposed amendments, the State is looking for voters to approve a State Income Tax which would open the door for a referendum election in the future.

The voter will ultimately decide if they will prohibit the State from imposing this Income Tax which would be consistent with federal law.

Such imposition could be beneficial to some but detrimental to others.

Allowing for it to pass in November would then give law makers an opportunity to structure a referendum in the future seeking for Texas voters to vote either for or against a State Income Tax imposition.

At this point, Texas is one of seven states without a personal income tax and has never levied a tax on personal income. 43 other states collect an income tax in addition to the federal income tax.

A “yes” vote in November, supports this amendment to prohibit the state from levying an income tax on individuals.

A “no” vote opposes this amendment, thus continuing to allow the state to enact a tax on individuals in the future through a statewide referendum.

As of 2019, the Texas State Constitution requires the state legislature to put legislation enacting an income tax before voters as a statewide referendum, which voters could approve or reject. Referring the referendum to voters requires a simple majority vote (50%+1) in each legislative chamber.

Proposition 4 would replace the referendum requirement with a ban on enacting an income tax on individuals. Removing the ban in the future would require a constitutional amendment, which needs a two-thirds vote in each legislative chamber and voter approval.

Early voting will run through October 21 to November 1 with election day to take place on November 5, 2019.

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