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Maverick County Appraisal District sees increase in Taxable Values

The Maverick County Appraisal District(MCAD) has set its 2019/2020 appraisal rolls which comes with a 5.169% increase in Net Taxable Values as compared to the previous year.

In accordance to the newly calculated numbers presented during last weeks Maverick County Commissioners Court meeting, the 2019/ 2020 Net Taxable Value (NTV) is at $ 2,873,969,151 an increase from last year’s NTV, of approximately $ 24, 858,733,146. This does not reflect pre or post adjustments.

Last year’s Net Taxable Value was at $2,732,702,297.

The newly certified Maverick County appraisal rolls have an increase in overall values of properties throughout Maverick County.

Certain properties may get a higher evaluation than others and some might even stay at the same rate as the previous year or even see a decrease.

Up to now, there are certain properties values that are under protest.

A review of the MCAD Certified Totals Reports from 2007 to 2017 shows that the Appraised Net Taxable value on all properties has gone up every year.

This year’s Net Taxable Value comes in at a 5.169 % increase as compared to 2018.

During 2018 the MCAD reported a total property count of 34,210 with the Net Taxable

value at $ 2,732,702,297 an increase of 3.6 % as compared to 2017 which came in at $2,637,207,424 (NTV).

During 2018 there were 262 properties added on the MCAD Roll as compared to the previous year.

These totals do not reflect any adjustments or other figures but only Net Taxable Value set by the MCAD.

Each county appraisal district determines the value of all taxable property within the county boundaries. Tax Code Section 25.18 requires appraisal districts to reappraise all property in its jurisdiction at least once every three years. Tax Code Section 23.01 requires that appraisal districts comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice if a mass appraisal is used and that the same appraisal methods and techniques be used in appraising the same or similar kinds of property. Individual characteristics that affect the property’s market value must be evaluated in determining the property’s market value.

The County must now work with the new appraisal roll and figure in a tax rate that will be, suffice to provide the necessary funds for operations but meet all standards and practices set in place by law.

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