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Eagle Pass man shot in Downtown Piedras Negras

Piedras Negras Law Enforcement Authority are claiming that the man from Eagle Pass who was shot in the chest area in the downtown area of Piedras Negras, Coahuila on Friday, August, 17 was allegedly involved in a knife attack minutes before.

Authorities investigating the matter state that the man identified as 25- year-old Mario Alberto Guttierez was in Piedras Negras when he attacked and severely wounded 22 – year-old Angela Abigail Banda Castro his sister -in-law.

Authorities claim that Guttierez then proceeded to try to escape into the United States via International Bridge No. 1.

Its alleged that Guttierez’s brother followed him after the attack and caught up to him in the downtown area and confronted him shooting him once in the chest area.

Authorities state that Guttierez attempted to make his way toward International Bridge No.1 to cross into the United State to seek emergency help for his injury.

Guttierez reached the Mexican side of the Port of Entry but collapsed near the crossing booth area.

Mexican Port Authorities quickly called emergency services and the man was rushed to a Mexican hospital to be treated for his wound.

Gutierrez was treated at the Dr. Salvador Chavarría Sánchez General hospital.

Bridge No. 1 was closed to traffic for a few minutes while the person was given medical treatment and transported to the hospital.

The female victim is in critical condition from wounds she suffered in the knife attack.

Piedras authorities allege man shot attacked a female with a knife minutes before.

In recent years there have been at least two other incidents where individuals from the U.S. Have been shot in Piedras Negras and have crossed into the U.S to seek medical treatment.

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