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Rick Trevino holds meet and greet in Maverick County

Rick Trevino candidate for Congress of District 23 had a meet and greet with the community in Eagle Pass, Texas on April 25, 2018. Trevino is seeking the communities vote during the Democratic runoff election that he is in a runoff against Gina Ortiz Jones.

Early voting will be held on May 14th through the 18th with election day to take place on Tuesday, May 22.

“As a teacher I saw the struggles of my community every day.” States Trevino “I am fighting for the working people and most vulnerable of District 23.” added Trevino

“I think that it’s going great. I have a lot of momentum. You know I got into this runoff election with Jones by beating a well-funded candidate. I got into this runoff by being backed up by thousands of people. We’ve been meeting with so many people, campaigning Grassroots. I am walking door-to-door telling the people what I want to do for them. Now I’m here in the runoff and the next step is to shock the world, again.”

“I truly believe that one of the most important things is for the voter to see themselves in the candidate. I have lived on the Frontera most of my life. I am very familiar with what we need in these areas. The people need real representation and I truly believe that I’m that representation. I understand the culture and history of this region and I think that it’s important that we send somebody with that type of knowledge to Washington to represent us and represent us right. I am a candidate who is independent of big money and that is one of the most important things that I have concentrated on and stayed away from.”

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