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Maverick County Hospital District joins litigation against Opioid Companies

The Maverick County Hospital District has become the third governmental agencies in Maverick County to approve filing a lawsuit against a group of over 25 Opioid Companies as Big Pharma is being hit with a huge amount of litigation.

During the District’s meeting held on Tuesday November 28, attorney Oscar Garza and his legal partner Harold T. Mcall presented the MCHD information on the matter. Garza sought that the District would jump on board and file the necessary legal documentation to pursue a law suit for recovery of expenses absorbed by the district due to issues such as addictions and any other effect that the Opioid epidemic has caused which ultimately are losses to the district and other agencies.

“While Americans represent only 4.6 % of the world’s population, they consume 80 % of the world’s opioid supply. In 2016 alone roughly 2 million U.S. Citizens were diagnosed with a substance use disorder involving prescription pain relievers.” said Garza “83 % of the people who use heroin started of with opioid prescriptions.” added Mcall

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Both attorneys explained how eventually many people end up addicted to the drugs and end up having to look for cheaper but a greater high leading to something called the opioid ladder ending up doing heroin which leads to the dangers of overdose. During the presentation MCHD Board of Trustee Dr. Ronald Hixson stated that he personally understood the dangers behind over prescription.

“I have seen what it can do as I have a sibling who is going through this problem at this moment.” Hixson stated that help is being sought to stop the medication abuse. The MCHD Board of Trustees voted in favor of joining the fight against the Opioid Companies. The Opioid Epidemic has been on a spiral downfall for numerous years and has reached millions of individuals all across the nation and world. One expert states that the main issue is that anyone can become a victim of such addiction and be at rick of losing their lives. Reports state that in some states across the nation more people are dying from prescription pills than from motor vehicle accidents.

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