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Increase in calls seen by local law enforcement

Incident calls attended to by local law enforcement agencies continue increasing on a yearly basis, putting a strain on our law enforcement departments and court system as well. This year the Maverick County Sheriff is expected to surpass 5,500 incidents which include all type of calls including Burglaries, Traffic Violations, Domestic Violence, Driving While Intoxicated, Public Intoxication, Assaults, Drug Arrests, Thefts, and many other incidents that are reported on a daily basis by the community.

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Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber states that his department on a daily basis sees many calls and deal with all types of incidents from a simple cat up a tree report to Domestic Disturbances and other dangerous type of incidents. “We continue seeing an increase of incidents and reports to our department but are adjusting everything to be able to handle the workload. As our community continues to grown in size so does the prevalence of crime and other incidents requiring law enforcement intervention.” Said Schmerber

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“I assure the community that the Maverick County Sheriff Department is ready to assist you in any way possible and also to notify anyone who does break the law that we will enforce those laws and assure that the peace is kept and justice is done.” Maverick County Sheriff Chief Deputy Robert De Leon states that the number of incidents seen up to now is an increase from last years totals.“We have had up to now over 4,500 incident calls attended to by our deputies, an increase from the previous year. This is from the growth of a community. We know we will continue seeing such upswing but assure our community that the Sheriff Department is here to patrol and assure the peace within our neighborhoods.”

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