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Sheriff’s Deputy discharges rifle in front of place of business

A Maverick County Sheriff’s Deputy identified as 40 year old Gabriel Serrano was arrested early Saturday morning by Eagle Pass Police officers for firing a M4 rifle, outside the 1800 bar in the Bibb St area. Official reports state that Police Officials responded to the area on a call of gunshots fired. Upon arrival they made contact with a suspect who was then identified as Serrano. Police Officials then detained Serrano and was transported to the Police Department.

Serrano is now awaiting charges of Deadly Conduct.

Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber, visibly upset addressed the issue in an interview with the news media.


“It’s sad to say that the individual who was arrested for using his service weapon a M4 rifle to shoot up into the air outside of the 1800 bar does work for me as a sheriff deputy. We don’t know what happened but at this moment we will wait for the appropriate charges to be made. I have sent one of my officials go to his home and retrieve other service issued weapons that do belong to the county.

“I understand he will be facing felony charges and we must proceed forth with one needs to be done. I will not tolerate such behavior and I’m in the process of relieving him of his duties.
Serrano had previously been arrested inside of Walmart on February 26, 2015, when Officers assigned to the Eagle Pass Police Department Patrol Division responded to the Walmart Store in reference to a male who was allegedly seen within the store partially unclothed. Officers arrived and spoke with the 37-year old Gabriel Serrano who was determined to be intoxicated. Serrano was arrested and transported to the Eagle Pass Police Department charged with public intoxication. During processing at the police department Serrano became uncooperative after it was discovered by officers that he was wearing several garments under his clothing. The garments were retrieved and determined to be property of the Walmart store. The charge of theft under $50 and resisting arrest were added. Serrano was magistrated and transferred to the Tom Bowles Detention Center in lieu of a $3000 bond.


Schmerber addressed the 2015 incident. “He was given an opportunity as we know he had a previous incident which they had supposedly resolved. My understanding is that Mr. Serrano had taken some type of medication that led him to such behavior and was given another chance. ” added Schmerber

“This is way too much. It’s more than likely that he will be losing his peace officers license. This is a very serious and Mr.Serrano will be treated according to. All law enforcement officials are trained in many things including self discipline and if you do not have that you should not be a peace officer.” concluded Schmerber

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