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County Auditor comes to settlement agreement with employees

15 months later after 7 employees from the Maverick County Auditors office filed a employment discrimination complaint against Audtior Sandra Watkins with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission(EEOCC) the Maverick Commissioners Court have been able to settle the case with the accusing employees.
While the exact cause of the allegations being brought against Watkins are not clear. An accusation by the entire staff of that department for employment discrimination was filed EEOCC back in June of 2016.
The EEOCC enforces federal laws prohibiting workplace discrimination. The EEOC was created by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.Under this laws it is workplace discrimination is illegal either against employees , applicants because of that person’s race, color, religion, sex including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy, national origin, age, and disability. Under this act it is also illegal for an accused to retaliate against any individual(s) for filing such complaint.
What is known is that part of the complaint is based on the not allowing, use of certain language within the department. But that is to this point an allegation which remains under investigation. The complainants in the matter are represented by The Espinosa Law Firm from San Antonio, Texas.
A EEOC employment discrimination complaint is an allegation of possible wrongdoing by the person(s) being accused in the formal complaint. The defendant(s) being accused are innocent unless proven guilty or admit wrongdoing in a court of law.
Maverick County has come to an agreement with the employees and will pay a total of $2,100 or $300 per employee. It is believed that Maverick County will have to pay plaintiff attorney fees as well.
This settlement brings the issue between Watkins and her employees to a close.Originally the plaintiffs were seeking approximately $350,000 or $50,000 per employee.

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