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EPPD holds promotion ceremony for officers

The Eagle Pass Police Department and City of Eagle Pass held a Promotion of Rank ceremony for various Peace Officers on Thursday August 31, 2017.

During the auspicious ceremony Chief of Police Albert Guajardo welcomed all in attendance and congratulated his entire force for the work that they do to protect the community and enforce the laws that as a society we as citizens must abide by. Guajardo honored each of the ascending officers personally.

Those that were honored were a group of Corporal Officers, K-9 officer, Motorcycle Officers and Detective Corporal.

Guajardo and Media Communications Specialist and Peace Officer Humberto Garza performed the ceremony. Guajardo explained the countless hour of training that officers perform to be able to continue on the force and to move up in the ranks as well.

“We present Lieutenants Amy Gonzalez, and Gerardo Fuentes Patrol Division , Lieutenant Alejandro Guedea Communications Dispatch Officer and Criminal Investigations Commander Lieutenant Aldo Escamilla.” said Guajrado “This is a very difficult job and this officers experience in one year what many people may not even experience in a lifetime.”

“This Men and and Women are Eagle Pass Finest and while the community sleeps they are out on patrol making sure that we’re protected and safe.”

Garza then proceeded to present the formally promoted officers including Corporal Alberto Zapata, Corporal Guadalupe Roberto Escobar, Corporal Alejandro Barrientos, Corporal Ricardo Zepeda, Criminal Investigation Division Lieutenant Corporal Humberto Torralba , Motorcycle Officer Hector “Big Rod” Rodriguez, Motorcycle Officer Juan Benavides and K9 Officer Ruben Velasquez.

Chief Guajrado congratulated all the promoted officers for their hard work and commitment to the safe guarding of our community. ” Everyone is dedicated to perform at the highest standards . It is with great honor that I present this badges to a fine group of individuals.”

Eagle Pass Mayor Ramsey E. Cantu addressed the public and congratulated the police force.” We as a City thank you for your service as it’s truly a great moment for all of us. Not only t the city council and administration level but as a community because it shows we continue to grow and assure the safety of everyone.”

City Manager Arturo Rodriguez also lauded the police officers for their accomplishments and encouraged everyone in his administration to continue pushing forth and serve the community with integrity , honor and respect.

On behalf of Informate we would like to congratulate all promoted officers and also take the time to thank all law enforcement officials for what they do for our community on a daily basis.

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