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Maverick County Commissioners Court approves proposal to lower Tax Rate

The Maverick County Commissioners held a meeting on Monday, August 28th approving the proposal to lower their Tax Rate by $.02 cents per every $100 dollar valuation going from $0.5437 to $0.5238.

Commissioners Court went into executive session to consult with legal counsel over some issues regarding the items being presented.

Once back in open session County Judge David. R. Saucedo opened up the items that had been discussed in executive session.

Tax Assessor Collector Isamari Sanchez Villarreal presented the court the information. ” The 2017/2018 effective tax rate based on the calculations of my worksheets is at $0.5314 and the Rollback rate is 0.6043.”


The commissioners then approved the Effective and Rollback tax rates.

The court then discussed the possible approval of a proposed tax rate for 2017/2018 and setting of Public Hearings.

“I believe it would be our job to decide what that tax rate would be.”said Saucedo “When we’re allowed to correct mistakes that have been done in the past and rectify them, we do that.”

The commissioners addressed certain issues with Auditor Sandra Watkins over excess in revenues for the county and if those funds left over could be used to determine (rollover) the adopted tax rate allowing some alleviation to the taxpayer on the county’s behalf.

Watkins voiced her concerns over certain issues she stated were wrong in the way the court was approaching the issue suggesting that the court not take the action being proposed.Saucedo intervened and stated that the court had sought information from the independent auditors who stated otherwise.


Saucedo and Watkins had a healthy discussion on the item. “If there is additional revenues that come in that belong to the taxpayer to get them their services we’re going to get them their services and you’re not going to stop us from doing it.”

“This court has the discretion to adopt a lower rate so I’m asking that we adopt the rate of no more than $0.5238 per every $100 valuation.” said Saucedo

”The court needs to hear me before something goes bad.” said Watkins

Watkins became visibly upset and walked out of the meeting.“If you’re not going to listen to me then why am I even here!”

Commissioners Court unanimously approved the proposed tax rate.

“We’re operating in good faith for our public and we’re not even going to the rollback rate that we could have gone too.” concluded Saucedo

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