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Maverick County Commissioners Court approves resolution regarding plat approval

The Maverick County Commissioners court held a special meeting on Monday July 17th in which they approved a resolution to the City of Eagle Pass regarding Preliminary Plat Approval.

Maverick County Judge David R. Saucedo opened up the item and proceeded to read the resolution into the official court record. “This is a resolution from Maverick County to participate in the formal processes of all preliminary plats within the 1 to 5 mile extraterritorial jurisdiction ETJ before preliminary plans are reviewed by the planning and zoning commission of the City of Eagle Pass and to receive Parkland Dedication Fees directly from the land developer into the budget of Maverick County,” read Saucedo.

“Whereas participation and representation in the Eagle Pass planning and zoning commission by Maverick County is limited or non-existent and whereas the city stopped providing home inspection services for residences regardless outside of the ETJ and whereas decisions made by the city planning and zoning commission are creating a financial impact on the budget of Maverick County. Whereas the city collects Parkland Dedication Fees from developers and does not construct parks or forwards this fees to Maverick County.”

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Judge Saucedo then stated that the resolution was a respectful request for the county to be allowed to participate in the process beginning to end and be able to receive the funds from the parkland fees. “It’s pretty self explanatory.”

Precinct 1 Commissioner Jerry Morales stated that the city had requested that the county formally request to be part of the process through resolution. “As you all know right now they only bring the final plat to us but we want to be involved since the beginning. Hopefully this will take care of that but we still have many obstacles to go through but this is the first step.”

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