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Eagle Pass ISD Board of Trustees continue work during Summer Break

Although the Eagle Pass Independent School District kids, staff are out on summer vacations the EPISD Board of Trustees and part of the governing administration continue working hard in preparations for the upcoming school year. 

The EPISD held a meeting on Tuesday July 11, 2017 in which they discussed and heard presentations various topics including the awarding of certain bids for school materials and other vital components that are needed for the class rooms in the EPISD.

During the course of the meeting EPISD Board President Lupita Fuentes asked the trustees if they would consider taking a group of items under consent agenda items and vote on them all in a complete group as allowed to by law. 

The EPISD Board of Trustees agreed to do so and began the motion process for approval but were notified by EPISD Deputy Superintendent for Business and Finances Ismael Mijares that two  of the items were going to have some changes before.

The changes in language were made and then approved unanimously by the EPISD Board of Trustees. 

Among the items approved were bids for art supplies, athletic trainer/nurse supplies and equipment, musical instruments and supplies, charter bus transportation’s, purchase of fuel and produce, inter-local agreements and many other necessary items and services needed for the new school year.

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