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Roberto Serna Attends Drug and Human Trafficking Seminar

Maverick County 293rd Judicial District Attorney Roberto Serna stated that this past week he was in Austin, Texas in a Border Prosecution Seminar and where the State has renewed the grant that provides funding for this program in which drug and human trafficking crimes are prosecuted through.

“This grant is a two year grant and the process to reapply has to be done and we’re very fortunate to continue being awarded the opportunity to continue receiving funding to fight crime through this program. Through this program we are able to have assistant DA, investigator and a secretary dedicated to those type of crimes all year round.”


Serna then stated that the last 3 days of the past week he spent at a conference regarding cyber crimes. “We’re in the process of expanding on investigations into cyber crimes including child pornography soliciting of indecent contact with a child and other illicit acts done through the internet locally.” said Serna.

“We’re going to go after those types of crimes with more vigor and assure the safety of our children.

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